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Wherever Individuals live together, discipline is necessary and this is especially true for and educational institution. The discipline is formative and not repressiv. It leads the students to develop self-confidence which is the essence of a well ordered and successful life. Discipline is the backbone of a nation.
    Therefore, Sri Guru Harkrishan Sr. Sec. Public School requires from the students conformity to certain regulation aimed at the growth of the entire school and more, so of the individual students.

1. Students should come to the school neatly dressed on all working days & P.T.M.S. Untidy children will not be allowed to sit in the classes.
2. No child is permitted to leave the school premises without the permission of the Principal.
3. The school day starts wiht the morning assembly which is compulsory for all students to attend.
4. Students should arrive in the school, at least , five minutes before the Assesmbly Bell.
5. All the students will keep the school free from 'Noise Pollution'. Running, Playing, Shouting etc. are not allowed in and around the class rooms.
6. Classes when moving from one place to another shall move in proper lines under the control of Monitor/Teacher without making any noise.
7. Keep your School and classrooms neat and clean. No waste paper or material is to be thrown here and there. Make best use of the dustbins provided in each class.
8. Students are ecpected to show modesty on courtesy to their companions. They should use refined and polite language.
9. (a) They should make frequent use of 'Please', 'Thank You', Sorry, 'Excuse me', I beg your pardon while wishing and conversing with the teachers, elders, companions and others.
(b) Excercise thoughtfulness, kindness and politeness to all students gathering at all occassions and show affable disposition.
(c) Respect and regard for teachers are important values which are required to be upheld and maintained by the students at all times.
(d) Students are expected to respect their techers. They should stand up and greet them when they enter or leave the class rooms.
10. During recess, pupils are expected to leave the class rooms.
11. It is compulsory that the students should converse in English only with one another in the school premises.
12. Proper care should be taken of school property and no pupil should scratch or spoil desks, walls, doors, chairs or damage any school furniture. They should not seal or damage the property belongings to others. Damage done even by accident should be reported at once to the Principal. No pupil should bring razor blades or any sharp instruments to the school.
13. Books, Stationery , bag tiffin box etc. should bear the name and class of the owner. School is not responsible for the loss of any item.
14. The students should behave in a refined manner wherever they go. They should always remember that the school is judged by their conduct.
15. Cycles must be kept locked at the cycle stand only. No vehicle should be driven in the school.
16. Students must make it a habit to get the diary signed by the parents everyday.
17. Parents/Guardians/Visitors are requested to wait in the reception hall and contact the Principal by sending a slip through the receptionist for seeking any information or redressal of grievances.
18. The Students are not allowed to bring the mobile phones in school campus.