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Lotus Valley Senior School believes that every textual concept should be practiced practically in the laboratory. The school is equipped with three well-equipped science laboratories in its campus. Students are encouraged to visit laboratories for simplified learning and understanding. Practical hands-on experiments are employed to enhance the process of learning and allow students the opportunity to experiment. Our students have taken up various projects that have won accolades at regional and national level science exhibitions organised by the CBSE board.

Being a core subject in the school’s curriculum till Class X, sciences are taught to all pupils. Later, students can choose between the different disciplines offered according to their interests. Teaching science calls for innovative methods and our well-equipped chemistry, biology and physics laboratories serve as valuable means of enhancing teaching and developing a passion for the subject. Supervised practical sessions in laboratory encourage interested students to undertake a considerable amount of personal project work as well. Our laboratories help students to develop pragmatic logic and rationale, and equip them to make scientific arguments.