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Guidelines for Parents
Mere giving birth to the children is enough. It is more important to groom them in such a way that they can stand on their own and become useful members of the society. We can’t help in this task, unless your co-operation is there in paying attention to the following few points :-
1.    Check the diary and see if your ward has noted down the home assignment and other details.
2.    Check if any remarks have been given either by the teacher or the Principal. Take actions on the remarks immediately.
3.    Please ensure that your ward has been provided with all necessary prescribed text books, stationary, atlas and geometry box etc.
4.    Please check your ward brings books, notebooks and other material to the school daily as per the day’s time table.
5.    Ensure that your ward attends the school regularly and in time.
6.    Ensure that your ward always wears proper school uniform while going to school.
7.    Ensure that your ward always remains neat and clean.
8.    Ensure basic minimum comforts of your ward to pursue his self-study at home depending upon the circumstances, such as a table, a chair and a table lamp etc.
9.    Criticism of teacher of the school in the presence of students should be scrupulously avoided as it causes the boy or girl to lose respect for his/her teacher.
10.    Provided necessary guidance to your ward in doing his home work but don’t do any spoon feeding. Assist him to be self reliant.
11.    Encourage your ward to do self-help regard to polishing shoes and washing handkerchiefs, socks, necktie etc. (Except  where the children are small and cannot do things on their own.)
12.    Inculcate the habit of understanding the subject matter and avoid cramming.
13.    As the medium of instruction in the school is English, students should be encouraged to converse in English at home.
14.    Ensure that your ward completes his/her homework and prepares lessons daily.
15.    Keep in touch with Principal and other teachers to know the progress of your ward from time to time.
16.    Encourage your ward to participate in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the school such as debates, recitation of poems and sports etc.
17.    Intimate any change of your address or telephone no. etc. immediately to the class teacher.
18.    Pay all school dues in time.
19.    Send application for leave, sick leave etc. in time.
20.    Send your responses to various letters and circulars issued by the school from time to time.
21.    Please attend ‘Parent-Teacher’ meeting whenever called for.
22.    Entry to the class room by parents is strictly prohibited.
23.    As per CBSE rules the date of birth and other particulars of the child once submitted will not be changed.
24.    Any suggestion for improvement of the school is always welcome.