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Nursery to Grade I

There will be no terminal tests from Nursery to First Grade. Day to day work of the child is assessed through assignments. No Written home work is given. Children are taught with play way methods. Child is promoted on the basis of his/her overall performance throughout the year. Parents are shown the progress cards of the students on the dates fixed for parent-teacher meet.
II to X


The academic year is divided into three terms in classes +1 and +2. There will be terminal examination at the end of each term. Final examination of class +1 will be in the second week of January. The pre-board examination of class +2 will be held in January.
According to CBSE rules, 75% attendance is compulsory in classes XI and XII. If the child fails to fulfil the criteria, his/her admission in the Board may be withheld.
Parents are expected to report on every PTM to know about their wards’ progress in relation to their academic ability and potential. Regular school assessment and reporting play a major roll in the student and parents understanding of the objectives and assessment criteria in the student’s preparation for final assessment and in the development of the curriculum according to the board guidelines.